Avarice. Mondrian. 2022

Gender Violence. Mondrian. 2022

Urban Poverty. Mondrian. 2022.

Pollution. Mondrian. 2022

Virology. Mondrian. 2022

Worship. Mondrian. 2022

Culture. Mondrian. 2022

Violence. Mondrian. 2022

Manipulation. Mondrian. 2022

Massive Consume. Mondrian. 2022

Hunger. Mondrian. 2022

Displaced. Mondrian. 2022


Garden of Eden. Bosch. 2023

The Adoration of the Magi Witch. Bosch. 2023

Extraction of the Stone of Madness. Bosch. 2023

Crazy People’s Boat. Bosch. 2020

Saint Jerome doing Penance. Bosch. 2021

The Walking Seller the Way of Life. Bosch 2021

Temptations Saint Anthony. Bosch. 2021

St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness. Bosch. 2021

St Christopher Carrying the Infant Jesus. Bosch. 2021

Saint John on Patmos. Bosch. 2021

The Temptation. Hieronymus Bosch. 2021

St John the Baptist in the Desert. Bosch. 2019


The Milkmaid. Vermeer. 2023

Metsu Lady Reading a Letter. Vermeer. 2023

Lady Letter.Vermeer. 2023

The Astronomer. 2020

The Geographer. 2020

Allegory of Faith. 2020

The Love Letter. 2020

Seated Woman Playing the Virginal. 2020

Concert for three. 2020

Lady on Spinet and Gentleman. 2020

The Glass of Wine. 2020

Allegory of Painting. 2020


Black Paint. Fates. Goya. 2023

Black Paint. Coven. Goya. 2023

Study of Jan Brueghel the Younger Kunstkammer with Venus. Jan Brueghel. 2022. Diasec

The Archdukes Albert and Isabella visiting a Collector’s Cabinet Walters. Jan Brueghel the Elder. 2021. Diasec

The Machine Man. Diego Rivera. 2008 – 2021 Review. Diasec

Quarto Stato. Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo. 2020. Diasec

Archduke Leopold William in his Gallery of Paintings in Brussels. David Teniers. 2008 – 2020 Review. Diasec

Christ and the Woman taken in Adultery. Pieter Brueghel. 2020. Diasec

Spring. Boticelli. 2006-2019 Review. Diasec

The Turkish Bath. Ingres. 2008-2019 Review. Diasec

Triptych of the Last Judgement. Hieronymus Bosch. 2019. Diasec

The Final Judgement. Michelangelo Buonarotti. 2019. Diasec

The Burial of Count Orgaz. El Greco. 2018. Diasec

General Officers of World War. John Singer Sargent. 2018. Diasec

Apelles Painting Campaspe. Willem van Haech (II). 2018. Diasec

The Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo Buonarotti. 2017. Diasec

Sight and Smell. Brueghel & Rubens. 2010-2018 Review. Diasec


Sight. Brueghel & Rubens. 2016. Diasec

Smell. Brueghel & Rubens. 2016. Diasec

Touch. Brueghel & Rubens. 2016. Diasec

Hearing. Brueghel & Rubens. 2016. Diasec

The Taste. Brueghel & Rubens. 2016. Diasec


Golconde. Magritte. 2009-2017 Review. Diasec

The Garden of Delights. Hieronymus Bosch. 2007-2015 Review. Diasec

Vue de la Grande Galerie du Louvre en Ruines. Hubert Robert. 2015. Diasec

Ruins with an Obelisk in the Distance. Hubert Robert. 2015. Diasec

The Sample Gersaint. Wateau. 2009 – 2015 Review. Diasec

Netherlandish-Proverbs. Brueghel. 2014. Diasec

Gassed. Sargent John Singer. 2014. Diasec

Guernica. Picasso. 2013. Diasec

Billiard Room. Boilly. 2013. Diasec

The Vicarage. Fortuny. 2012. Diasec

Study of the Painter. Pierre Subleyras. 2011. Diasec

The Annunciation. Leonardo. 2012. Diasec

Gallery of View of Modern Roma. Giovanni Paolo Pannini. 2012. Diasec

The Temptation of Saint Anthony. Hieronymus Bosch. 2012. Diasec

Where did We Come? About us? Where are We Going?. Paul Gauguin. 2011. Diasec

Stay in the Signature. Rafael. 2011-2018 Review. Diasec

The Betrothal of the Virgin. Rafael. 2011. Diasec

The Dance Lesson. Degas. 2011. Diasec

The Round of Prisoners. Van Gogh. 2011. Diasec

The Harvesters. Brueghel. 2011. Diasec

Round of Night. Rembrand. 2011. Diasec

Dali at Age Six. 2011. Diasec

The Triumph of Death. Brueghel. 2010. Diasec

Project of the Adequacy of the Great Gallery of Louvre. Hubert Robert. 2010. Diasec

The Spinners. Velázquez. 2010. Diasec

Animated Landscape. Fernand Léger. 2010. Diasec

The Murderer Threatened. Magritte. 2010. Diasec

The Personal Values. Magritte. 2010. Diasec

The Parable of the Blind. Brueghel. 2010. Diasec

The Peasant Wedding. Brueghel. 2010. Diasec

Los Fusilamientos 3 Mayo. Goya. 2009. Diasec

The Holy. Leonardo. 2009. Diasec

Composition VIII. Kandinsky. 2009. Diasec

The Hay Wain. Hieronymus Bosch. 2009. Diasec

The Builders. Fernand Léger. 2009. Diasec

Yard of Crazy. Goya. 2009. Diasec

Las Meninas. Velázquez. 2007. Diasec

The Gleaners. Jean-François Millet. 2008. Diasec

Flora Triumph. Tiépolo. 2007. Diasec

Redemption of Breda. Velázquez. 2007. Diasec

The Family of Carlos IV. Goya. 2007. Diasec

Diptych of Federico da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza. Piero della Francesca. 2006. Diasec